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Cygnus Technologies, LLC.
provides the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry with products and analytical methods designed to accelerate the R&D phase, to improve the quality, purity, and safety of their biopharmaceuticals, while allowing for rapid optimal process development, reduced time to market, lowered R&D overhead, and reduced QC costs. As experts focused in the highly sensitive analytical technology of immunodetection for biotechnology applications, our products and services have, for over 25 years, been implemented by virtually all major biopharmaceutical companies.

We offer a comprehensive menu of well-validated, convenient to use microtiter plate ELISA methods to detect Host Cell Proteins from specific recombinant expression systems and bioprocess contaminants used in culture media as well as transgenic expression systems in goats and cattle. We develop and routinely manufacture, by cGMP methods,  ELISA and Western Blot kits to contaminants specific to more than 50 different expression systems. Our extensive list of ancillary reagents is useful in developing and validating your product and process-specific assays.

As the Leaders in Host Cell Protein detection, we are proud to introduce our NEW product line of reliable and easy to use Host Cell DNA Detection Kits.

Important Message to our Customers: Cygnus Technologies, Inc. has recently been hacked, resulting in many of our customers receiving emails advising them that our banking information for payments has changed. This is not true. Please remain vigilant in checking emails from us and make sure that the email address of the sender is actually ours, rather than ours with one letter changed. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns, 910-454-9442. Thank you for your business.

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Catalog # Name Target Species Host Concentration Size Price Qty.
F551 Anti-CHO:HRP Conjugate, 3G 12 ml $330.00
AF117B Anti-E.coli HCP 1 mg $2,420.00
F117 Anti-E.coli HCP 1 ml $192.50
AP117 Anti-E.coli HCP 1 mg $1,320.00
F117-PA Anti-E.coli HCP 1 ml $302.50
F117-PAB Anti-E.coli HCP 1 ml $605.00
F416 Anti-E.coli:HRP Conjugate 50 ml $220.00
F411 Anti-E.coli:HRP Conjugate 12 ml $357.50
F411C Anti-E.coli:HRP Conjugate Concentrate 1 mg $2,860.00
F241 Anti-Goat Milk Proteins:HRP Conjugate 12 ml $302.50