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Ordering Products- Cygnus Products can be ordered by fax, email or website. Written order confirmation is not required when orders are placed by fax or email. Certain conditions may need to be met prior to shipment of an order. Accounts that fail to fulfill the terms of payment, Cygnus may without prejudice to any other lawful remedy defer further shipments until the account balance is brought up to date. All orders placed through the Website are reviewed and processed off-line. Cygnus reserves the right to suspend registered customers, who do not comply with the Terms and Conditions, set forth, from placing orders through the Website. Credit card orders are reviewed and shipping fees added to the order prior to processing via the payment gateway. All orders receive a confirmation with order and shipping details.

Pricing and Payment Terms - All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices, in USD, displayed on the website are used for credit card orders through the shopping cart portal. Payment terms are Net 30 days from receipt of invoice. If you place an order and fail to fulfill the payment terms, Cygnus may without prejudice to any other lawful remedy defer further shipments and/or charge a monthly late fee of 1.5% of your total order.

Sales Tax - Cygnus does not collect sales tax since our products are “For Research Use Only,” and are used solely for the purpose of research and development in a research or manufacturing facility. The end user is responsible for any applicable sales, use or similar tax, and agrees to indemnify Cygnus for any such tax if not properly paid by you.

Shipping - Shipping costs are prepaid and added to the invoice. Cygnus reserves the right to select the packaging and shipping method for your order, which will ensure the integrity of the product. Orders sent to USA addresses are typically shipped via Federal Express overnight service for delivery the next business day. International orders are shipped International Priority service. Cygnus shall not be held liable for delays in shipping or customs clearance. When customer provides shipping account number, Cygnus will not charge shipping costs if the account number is valid. Separate line items may include charges for insulated boxes, special hazardous fee and/or handling fee which may be charged when required for shipment. Cygnus reserves the right depending upon the product being shipped.  Orders placed with account numbers that are declined or not valid deemed by the shipping company, will be charged shipping. The cost will be prepaid and added to the invoice. Customer agrees to pay the invoice in full.

Resale of Products- Cygnus products are not to be resold except by written agreement. Return of Products:Returns are not accepted without prior authorization. Requests for return must be made within 5 days from receipt of shipment. Custom products are not eligible for return. A “Return Authorization” must be obtained from Customer Service in order to be eligible for credit.

Limited Warranty - Cygnus warrants only that the products listed are of the composition described and that they will perform as specified in the product literature. The risks as to the performance of these products are assumed by the buyer. Cygnus shall not be responsible for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of these products. Cygnus does not make any other warranty or representation whatsoever, whether express or implied, with respect to these products, as to the suitability, merchantability, or fitness for a particular research or purpose of any product. Product inserts and specifications found on the website reflect the general applications and purpose of use. Only inserts shipped with the product reflect the most current instructions and specifications. Cygnus reserves the right to change product specifications/instructions without prior notification. Should any product fail to perform as warranted or for any other claims arising from or related to your use of this site or purchase of products from Cygnus, Cygnus’ liability and your remedy are strictly limited to the purchase price or replacement, at Cygnus’ sole option of the product sold.

Indemnity- You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Cygnus Technologies, its directors, officers, shareholders, and employees, harmless from and against any and all costs, liabilities, losses, and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees) resulting from any claim, suit, action, or proceeding brought by any third party against Cygnus Technologies alleging or arising from or related to any breach of these Terms & Conditions by you. This paragraph survives expiration or termination of your account or these Terms & Conditions.

Privacy Policy- (effective January 1, 2010)The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about the information we gather on this Website and how that information is used. By using this Website you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, as well as the terms set forth in our Terms and Conditions. This Privacy Policy only applies to the website owned and operated by Cygnus Technologies, Inc., with a homepage located at known as the "Website". This Privacy Policy does not apply to any other website. In order to process and track orders, update your account, operate our business and maintain this Website and its various features, we collect a variety of information about the Website visitors. The following describes the type of information that is collected.

Non-Personal Information- Each time a computer visits this Website we may collect certain information from that computer. This information is automatically collected from the computer's web browser and may include information such as :

  • The name of the domain from which the computer accessed the Internet.
  • The Internet address of the website from which the computer linked directly to the Website.
  • The date and time the Website was accessed.Such non-personal information does not disclose who you are. We may use this non-personal information to help make our Website more useful. For instance, we can determine how many computers visited this Website and what pages were most popular. We may prepare reports and other materials using this information. Personal Information:As you open or update your account by placing an order or filling out a form on this Website, you may provide us with information such as your name, company name, address, telephone number, email address, items purchased, credit card number or any other similar personal information. Such information can only be given to Cygnus through the physical entry of information on this Website. When you submit this personal information, you agree that we may keep a record of the personal information and use it for business applications. For example, you are able to view your order history and the details for each order which includes: order #, order date, purchased items, shipping method and costs, shipping address, billing address, and last 4 digits of the credit card used. This information is used to place an order, receive payment for the order, ship the order, and confirm the order. In providing this personal information you agree that we may share specific information with the credit card company and shipping company as required to process your order. Personal information may be shared when we are required to comply with a law, regulation, court order or legal process. This Website contains links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience. Cygnus does not review, control or monitor the privacy practices of websites operated by others. In as such we are not responsible for the performance of these sites or your business dealings with them. The appearance of these links does not imply Cygnus' endorsement of the materials on that website. Non-personal and personal information is stored on servers located in the United States. Cygnus and its contractors who help us with hosting and security use procedural and technical safeguards to protect your personal information against loss or theft as well as unauthorized access and disclosure including the use of encryption, firewalls and SSL. Website User:You agree to follow the conduct rules listed below. If you fail to follow these rules, Cygnus may in its sole discretion terminate or suspend your account without refund, in addition to pursuing any other legal and equitable remedies.
  • You will not knowingly provide or post any false or fraudulent information.
  • You will not use this Website for any illegal purposes.
  • You will not pose as someone you are not or impersonate any person.
  • You will not interfere or tamper with the functions of this Website, nor will you attempt to gain access to information or control of the Website not specifically granted to you.
  • You will not use this Website to transmit any virus or destructive program or code.
  • You agree to keep your account password confidential and secure.
    • You agree to accept full responsibility for all activities that occur on your Website account and the use of your password.
    • You agree to the use of information and material for the purpose of ordering products from this Website.