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Help with Online Ordering

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Ordering online at is quick and easy!

Step 1: Browse the product catalog

Use the Products tab in the navigation menu to browse Cygnus products based on different categories.
Click on a product to read more details about it.

Step 2: Add items to your shopping cartOnce you find the product you are looking for, type in how many units of that product you want into the Qty box.
Then click the Add to Cart button.

To see the contents of your shopping cart at any time,
just click on the View Cart link in the header.

Step 3: Log in

To purchase products on the Cygnus Technologies website, you must have a customer account. Signing up is easy - just fill out the registration form, and you are ready to make purchases. Log in using your email address and password.

Step 4: Checkout

When you are ready to complete your purchase, go to your shopping cart and click on Checkout.

  • You can still make changes to your order if needed - simply click on the Edit link next to Shopping Cart.
  • Enter the address you want the order to be shipped to and select the desired shipping method. Keep in mind that shipping charges and taxes (if applicable) are calculated after we receive your order, so your order total amount does not yet reflect those additional fees. If you have a FedEx account you would like to use to pay for shipping, just enter it into the FedEx Account Number field.
  • Any special instructions or notes you have for us about your order should be entered into the Special Notes box.
  • Enter your billing address and select the payment method.
  • If paying by PO:
    Enter the PO# into the appropriate field. Please be advised that for us to process your order we must have a copy of the actual purchase order. You have the option of uploading a digital copy of it during checkout or, alternatively, sending it to us by fax/email (910-454-9443 / ). If you choose to fax/email the document to us, please be sure to include your order number, which will be emailed to you after you complete the checkout process.

  • If paying by credit card:
    Enter your credit card information. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Please be advised that the credit card transaction will be completed only after we review your order and append the shipping/handling charges for it.

  • Review and confirm your order.

Step 5: Order confirmation

After your order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the order number and the details of the order. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call 1-877-772-9576.

It has come to our attention that some of our customers may have been contacted by a person or organization attempting to impersonate Cygnus Technologies.  We encourage you to contact us with any questions if you receive electronic requests or correspondence which are unexpected or seem suspicious, especially concerning information related to outstanding invoices and/or payment instructions to a new bank account. 

Examples of suspicious activity that you should be aware of include:

•        Fraudulent E-Mails.  Fraudulent emails are the most common type of online scam.  These emails may pretend to come from Cygnus or one of your contacts at Cygnus by using a message header or From: address that appears to be authentic. These types of messages may request that you share financial information about your relationship with Cygnus or send payments to banks or accounts that we have not used in the past.

•        Phishing.  Phishing typically involves a perpetrator sending you an email in an attempt to gather private financial information. The messages often appear to come from a known or trustworthy source (such as Cygnus) and then direct users to “spoofed” websites pretending to be these companies, even though they are operated by criminals.  These websites often attempt to collect usernames, passwords, banking information or credit card details.  Some websites even appear to allow users to log in to the intended website, giving them a false sense of security.  Please check the domain name of questionable links in any messages you may receive – in certain cases the name may be modified by using slightly different spellings or additional characters that may be very hard to detect (e.g.,,,, etc.). 

As you know, our formal business address and correct contact information are:

Cygnus Technologies, LLC

4332 Southport Supply Rd., SE

Southport, NC 28461

Phone: +1-910-454-9442

Fax:   +1-910-454-9443


If you have any questions concerning this message, please contact:

Christine Dolan

Chief Operating Officer


Telephone: +1-910-454-9442

We sincerely apologize for having to bring this matter to your attention. 

Sincerely yours,

Cygnus Technologies