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Western Blot Kits

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Western Blot kits are important analytical tools used for the detection and identification of HCPs from commonly used recombinant expression systems. The antibodies in our Western Blot kits are the same ones used in our corresponding ELISA kits.

Western Blot assays are helpful in demonstrating that the antibodies react with the majority of HCPs present in a given cell line or purification process. Because of the limited sensitivity with Western Blot detection methods, they are usually only able to qualitatively detect HCPs from samples upstream in the purification process.

For more sensitive and semi-quantitative detection of HCPs it is strongly recommended that the corresponding ELISA kit be employed. In general, ELISA kits have approximately 100 fold more sensitivity, and as such should be capable of detecting less than part per million total HCP levels in downstream and final product.

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Catalog # Name Target Species Host Concentration Size Price Qty.
F235 A549 HCP WB kit Mammalian 1 kit $551.25
F060 CHO HCP WB kit Mammalian 1 kit $551.25
CM060 CHO-CM HCP WB kit Mammalian 1 kit $519.75
F415 E.coli HCP WB kit Bacterial 1 kit $551.25
F225 NS/0 HCP WB kit Mammalian 1 kit $551.25
F145 Pichia pastoris HCP WB kit Yeast 1 kit $551.25
F130 S.cerevisiae HCP WB kit Yeast 1 kit $551.25
F185 SP2/0 HCP WB kit Mammalian 1 kit $551.25
F245 Total Goat Milk Proteins WB kit Transgenics 1 kit $551.25