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Immunoassay Reagents

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Most of the general ELISA reagents used in our specific kits are available individually. These reagents such as antibodies, sample diluents, conjugate stabilizer/diluents, coating buffers, wash buffers and substrates are robust and stable reagents that can help to optimize your in-house immunoassays.

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Catalog # Name Target Species Host Concentration Size Price Qty.
F233 A549 Standards Set, A-F 1 ml $250.00
F291 Anti-Bovine Plasma Proteins:HRP Conjugate 12 ml $250.00
F123 Anti-Bovine Transferrin:HRP Conjugate 12 ml $275.00
F033 Anti-BSA:HRP Conjugate 12 ml $250.00
F821 Anti-CAPĀ® cell: HRP Conjugate 12 ml $300.00
F148 Anti-CHO-CM:HRP Conjugate 12 ml $300.00
F119 Anti-CHO-CM:HRP Conjugate 50 ml $150.00
F061 Anti-CHO:Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate 50 ml $200.00
F017 Anti-CHO:Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate 22 ml $350.00
F551C Anti-CHO:HRP Conjugate Concentrate, 3G 1 mg $3,000.00