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Host Cell Protein Antibodies

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Our HCP antibodies are developed to produce an assay that is broadly reactive to the greatest number of HCPs possible. A broadly reactive or "generic" assay is useful for detecting HCPs in process development and quality control. It may be advisable to later develop process specific antibodies. Cygnus has much experience in development of custom process specific antibodies. The suffix indicates the type of antibody:

  • -PA or -PG is an IgG fraction
  • -AF is affinity purified
  • -AF-AP is affinity purified:alkaline phosphatase labeled
  • -AF-B is affinity purified:biotinylated
  • -AF-HRP is affinity purified:HRP labeled
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Catalog # Name Target Species Host Concentration Size Price Qty.
A549-PA Anti-A549 HCP Goat 1 ml $302.50
A549 Anti-A549 HCP Goat 1 ml $192.50
A549-AF Anti-A549 HCP Goat 1 mg $1,320.00
BHK1107 Anti-BHK HCP Goat 1 ml $192.50
BHK1107-AF Anti-BHK HCP Goat 1 mg $1,320.00
F511C Anti-BHK: HRP Conjugate Concentrate 1 mg $3,520.00
BPP04AF-HRP Anti-Bovine Plasma Proteins Rabbit 100 µl $660.00
BPP04 Anti-Bovine Plasma Proteins Rabbit 1 ml $192.50
BPP04-PA Anti-Bovine Plasma Proteins Rabbit 1 ml $302.50
BPP04-AF Anti-Bovine Plasma Proteins Rabbit 1 mg $1,320.00