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DNA Detection

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As the Leader in Host Cell Protein Detection,
we offer reliable and easy-to-use Host Cell DNA Detection Kits.

Our Kits Feature:
High Throughput: The 96 deep well format allows for fast processing without having to juggle individual tubes.

Superior Co-precipitating Reagent: Recovers DNA at <1pg/mL. The reagents used to precipitate DNA do not interfere with downstream detection and qPCR assays.

Convenience: The 96 deep well format will increase efficiency and minimize hands on time.

Speed: 96 individual extractions can be performed in less than 90 minutes.

Cell Line Specific Calibrators: Offer improved accuracy and specificity.

Reproducible Results: Allows method to be transferred to other labs with consistent results.

Custom Assays: Let us develop and qualify a residual Host Cell DNA kit, specific to your host cell expression system.

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Catalog # Name Target Species Host Concentration Size Price Qty.
F033C Anti-BSA:HRP Conjugate Concentrate 100 µl $357.50
D555T CHO DNA Amplification Kit in tubes Mammalian 1 kit $761.25
D555W CHO DNA Amplification Kit in wells Mammalian 1 kit $761.25
D552 CHO DNA Concentrate 1 ml $341.25
D556 CHO DNA Concentrate 120 µl $288.75
D553 CHO DNA Standards (A-H) 1 ml $183.75
D550T CHO Host Cell DNA Detection Kit in tubes Mammalian 1 kit $761.25
D550W CHO Host Cell DNA Detection Kit in wells Mammalian 1 kit $761.25
D102 Deep Well Extraction Plates 1 kit $131.25
D108 DNA Extraction Buffer for tubes 30 ml $99.75