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Dilution Buffers

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Our ready-to-use dilution buffers are designed to dilute high concentration samples and to minimize sample matrix interferences. Please refer to the kit product inserts for the dilution buffer specifically used for that kit.

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Catalog # Name Target Species Host Concentration Size Price Qty.
F233A-100 A549 Sample Diluent, 100mL 100 ml $137.50
F233A-500 A549 Sample Diluent, 500mL 500 ml $247.50
F031A BSA Sample Diluent 1000 ml $302.50
F031A-100 BSA Sample Diluent 100 ml $93.50
F031A-500 BSA Sample Diluent 500 ml $247.50
I056 Conjugate Diluent/HRP 1000 ml $357.50
F213A-100 Goat IgG Sample Diluent 100 ml $137.50
F213A-500 Goat IgG Sample Diluent 500 ml $247.50
F213A Goat IgG Sample Diluent 1000 ml $357.50
F243A Goat Milk Proteins Sample Diluent 1000 ml $357.50