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Antigen Concentrates

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We provide antigen concentrates for most of our ELISA kits. These antigens are intended for use in making controls and performing Spike & Recovery experiments. Most of the HCP antigen concentrates come from crude sources such as lysate or culture media and may have been further processed or purified. Absolute quantitation of these very complex antigens mixtures is very difficult.

The potency and stability of these antigens in various dilution matrices has not been established. For these reason, an "approximate" concentration value is listed on the label. In the final analysis, it is the responsibility of the end user to determine the final concentration of these antigens under their conditions of use and relative to standards/calibrators available for the assay.

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Catalog # Name Target Species Host Concentration Size Price Qty.
F233G A549 HCP Antigen Concentrate 200 µl $275.00
F237 A549 HCP Control Antigen 50 µl $137.50
F513G BHK HCP Antigen Concentrate 400 µl $330.00
F073G Bovine IgG Antigen Concentrate 200 µl $137.50
F293G Bovine Plasma Proteins Antigen Concentrate 400 µl $302.50
F121G Bovine Transferrin Antigen Concentrate 300 µl $220.00
F121E Bovine Transferrin Standard E 32ng/mL 1 mL $104.50
F031G BSA Antigen Concentrate 1 ml $110.00
F823W CAP® Antigen Concentrate 1 ml $1,100.00
F823X CAP® Antigen Concentrate 400 µl $385.00